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Steps With Theera is a coffee shop and vocational training centre supporting people with learning differences transition to sustainable employment opportunities and live fulfilling lives.
Our programme is accredited from the UK and promotes skills for life, skills for employment and skills for independence. We see the capabilities of the people we work with and empower them to contribute to the community in which they live.


The environment at Steps with Theera is adapted to support those with autism. Each aspect has been designed by our architect and design team to be autistic friendly and accessible as we want the coffee shop to be a safe, community driven space that is inclusive of everyone.


All of our programmes are focused around functional skills and preparation for employment and independence. There are programmes for both people with and without learning differences and in all programmes, the trainee is treated as an individual.


Steps with Theera is very much a community project, we welcome companies to contact us regarding CSR opportunities. To learn more about being an inclusive company, sponsorship, hosting an event with us and ways you can donate, please follow the link below.    ‍      ‍      ‍      ‍      ‍