Vocational Training Centre in Bangkok

Hands-on, work based learning promoting skills for life


Who is Steps with Theera?

A team of specialists and community partners dedicated to helping people live purposeful, dignified lives

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Want to learn more about the vocational training and the individualised pathways we offer? We believe every learner has a set of skills that can be linked to meaningful employment and independence.


We offer UK accredited qualifications in skills for life, employment, and independence, alongside work-based learning in our coffee shops, kitchens, office, art studio, and with our community partners.

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Become an inclusive company, learn more about employing people with learning differences, offer your time or skills to volunteer, or work with us in building a more inclusive society.

What Our Trainees Say

Nicky, Thai - Vocational Training Program

My motto is “To keep calm and be focused”. I like to come to Steps with Theera because it is the best place to do work training and working with trainees. I loved to help others. My dream job is computer programmer.

Kim - Vocational Training Program

I have 4 Medals 100m Freestyle 50m Freestyle 50m Breaststroke and Freestyle Relay Special Olympics Swimming Medal.


To Work at cafe is my dream. I want for Job at Steps with Theera. I love to work I love this Job So Much. My Favorite things to cook are Baking, Soup, Salad.

Jennifer - Vocational Training Program

I did many challenges at Steps, I learn tons of new things I never know before. I am extremely
proud for myself for coming this far. Don’t be sorry of who you are.
My skills are drawings, making ideas to help other with needs. Hobbies are writing poems, singing, acting, ballet sports. I love learning new facts in everything. So much hobbies I have to keep myself busy. My motto “Dance your way to success”

Chanon - Vocational Training Program

My dream jobs are Actor and Singer. My hobbies are reading books or newspaper, playing games, cooking, watching movies, cycling, running, drawing and painting.
I want to study at Steps with Theera because my mum wants me to have more skills and I love cooking and making friends.