Admission & Enrollment

Find out who is eligible for our UK-accredited vocational training in Bangkok and Phuket, and how to enrol.
Admission Requirements


We need all trainees to be able to toilet and manage their general hygiene independently. This can be discussed on a case by case basis but generally we need trainees to have a basic level of independence.


We have a total communication environment and staff trained to support a variety of communication needs. In order to access our programme, trainees need to be able to communicate by speech, sign, or with an assisted device.


Being physically able to manoeuvre up and down stairs, and around the training centre and coffee shop is an important requirement for accessing our programme.


In order to ensure a safe environment for everyone, trainees displaying physical violence won’t be able to access the programme. If your family member has ever been on a behaviour plan, please discuss with us.

How to enrol


46 weeks a year | 6 weeks holiday
Our trainees are in work 46 weeks a year to replicate the real world as closely as possible.


There are two forms for the guardians and one form for the family member. Please also send any previous reports or assessments.

or download the form here.

Fee Structure

Read our fee structure carefully and get in touch if you have any questions. We accept new trainees all year round following a one day trial.

Need the calendar, enrolment forms and fee structure?

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