Coffee Shop

Our coffee shop is the home of the training and the foundation of the skills for our trainees. It is a safe, community driven space that is inclusive of everyone. Your visit will encourage and support our trainees!

About Our Coffee Shop

A health focused menu designed to offer something for everyone. Whether you are looking for that perfect brunch spot and can’t resist our poached eggs on salmon with avocado dressing, or you want a light lunch and fancy some lentil soup, or even a more hearty main with our pumpkin and sweet potato burger, chicken pesto and mozzarella sandwich, or spicy bacon spaghetti, we guarantee you won’t leave disappointed! You can also check out our cake fridge to see what healthy snacks and desserts our team have been making that week.

Got allergies or dietary requirements? No problem! Our menu lists all allergens in each dish and our staff are well trained in understanding different needs. We have gluten free bread and spaghetti, soy and almond milk, and even dairy free ice cream all made by us, for you.

Our coffee is a special blend roasted by Roots who collaborated with us to make an autism awareness campaign. They are serious about not only coffee, but ensuring excellence from farm to cup. We also have a range of soft drinks and smoothies including some zero calorie drinks.

The whole of our coffee shop is a learning environment for our trainees and positive reinforcement is really important which is why we have a ‘wall of positivity’ for customers and staff to leave praise for them. At the end of each day, we take the trainees to the wall to reflect upon the positive outcomes for the day, so that everyone can end the day feeling good about themselves and ready for the next day. We ask for kind words and constructive feedback back only please.


Coffee Shop

Want to visit? Our main branch is on Ekamai 10, and our sister branch which specialises in gluten-free, vegan and allergen free food is on Sukhumvit 42. Click below to see a map.


Would you like to host a workshop/event/party in one of our rooms? Our training centre with projector at seating for 30/40 people and art studio with seating for 15/20 people are available!


Looking for some tasty snacks which have social impact? Look no further! We have a range of catering options, as well as birthday cakes and cakes for special occasions.